About me

In nearly a decade as a makeup artist, my journey has taken me through the diverse worlds of musicals, films, fashion weeks, photo shoots and many beautiful weddings.

Lina Hallberg
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My portfolio boasts a wide range of experiences, from the glamour of the Mercedes F1 team – where I
had the privilege of being the personal groomer and stylist for CEO Toto Wolff – to the bustling atmosphere
of a London photography studio.

My work ethic is anchored in flexibility and a relentless drive, equally adept at leading a team as I am in
supporting roles, always ready to blend into the background if that’s what the moment requires. My
collaborative spirit shines in environments where quick thinking and adaptability are prized, often
volunteering for tasks beyond my role, like the time I became an impromptu extra on set.

The highlights of my career include being part of the hair and makeup team for blockbuster Bollywood
films such as “Ganapath” and “The Girl with the Metal Heart.” In addition, I’ve enjoyed a residency in
London’s esteemed Sadler’s Wells theatre, contributing to a critically acclaimed musical.

For the past five years, I’ve been an integral part of York, Paris, and London’s fashion weeks, working
alongside internationally recognized designers like Michael Lombard from the USA, Scott Henshall of
Mulberry, and Adam Frost. Collaborations with Pablo Rodriguez and celebrated talents Saphron and Jack
from “Glow Up” have further enriched my experience.

My assignments have taken me to the rugged landscapes of Iceland and the historic streets of Belgium, working with local designers and seeing my work grace the pages of prestigious publications such as VOGUE and Harper’s BAZAAR.

This journey is not just about the destinations but the stories we create and the beauty we uncover along
the way.